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Business Foundations Blueprint

End confusion for good!


Simple repeatable growth strategies that bring you clients!

Design Your Business Your Way!!​

Do you have a big vision or dream.... and

you need a plan of how to get there?

Together....let's create a roadmap to get you there!!

Do you have a dream of making a lasting difference in the world and you are not sure how to get that done?
Are you a healer, activist, rebel, changemaker, or small business owner who has a burning desire to create change in the world?
Have you been asking yourself these questions:
  • How do I tell people what I do?
  • Who is my customer?
  • Where do I find new customers?
  • How do I grow my business without losing my time freedom?
  • How do I grow my business and not lose me in the process? 

You’re invited to participate in the

Business Foundations Blueprint

You choose how much support you need!!

Business Foundations Blueprint

Which program works best for you??

Group Mentoring

  • 6 months access to online Business Foundations Blueprint

  • Monthly LIVE Marketing Workshop

  • Monthly LIVE Sales Workshop

  • Monthly 3-hour workshop

  • Collaborate with peers in online group

  • Wrap up session

1:1 work with you

👈 All of that + 👇

  • Lifetime access to online Business Foundations course

  • Access to all Group Mentoring 

  • Deep Dive Day for just you & your business

  • Monthly individual sessions (10 total)

  • Wrap up session

Roadmap for Business Foundations.jpg

Business Foundations Blueprint


  • Create your clearly defined vision

  • Connect with a community of peers for support

  • Learn how to maintain your time freedom while your business grows

  • Learn simple tech & business tricks to make your business run more smoothly

  • Maintain a growing list of your own content ideas 

  • Establish your customized weekly action plan 

  • Establish a clearly mapped out business growth plan

Are you tired of going it alone?

Do you feel like you are trudging along, trying all kinds of things that might... maybe.... someday....hopefully...... get you to where you want to be?

It is time to stop HOPING and to start DOING!!

It is time to take clear action steps that will move you forward!!

5 Pillars of a Strong Business Foundation

1. Passion: How do you want to feel? What are your strengths? What lights you up?
2. Why: What are your purpose, priorities, and possibilities?
3. Who: Who is this product, message, or service for?
4. Plan: Create a roadmap of how to get there.
5. Action: List the action items and schedule them. 

Create a solid productive Action Plan for growing your business.


A plan that fits you and who you are!


Gain valuable clarity about all areas of our businesses through each lesson and receive feedback and support from the group.

Begin Anytime!!
Begin Anytime!!

Foundations +
Live Group Workshops 

Online Study + LIVE  Calls + Workshops

  • 6 months access to online learning

       Business Foundations Recordings

  • Monthly LIVE Marketing Workshop 

  • Monthly LIVE Sales Workshop

  • Monthly LIVE workshop on different topic each month

  • Collaborate with peers in Online Group

  • Wrap up session phone call

Reg $1695



6  Payments of


Savings of $700!!

Purchase 2x and receive lifetime access


Foundations +
Live Group Workshops +
1:1 Support

1:1 Support + Online Study + LIVE  Calls + Workshops 

  • 👈 All of that + 👇

  • Lifetime access to online learning Business Foundations Recordings

  • Access to ALL Group Workshops

  • 3 hour VIP Deep Dive Day 

  • 2 1:1 sessions per month (12 hrs total)

  • Recordings of 1:1 sessions & shared Google doc for questions & homework

  • Collaborate with peers in Online Group

  • Wrap up session phone call

Reg $4995



6 Payments of 


Savings of $2000!!

Lifetime access to online content

Anchor 1

Course Content includes

Lesson # 1: Your Vision, Values, & Strengths 

  • Why do you want what you want? 

  • What are you really good at?

  • What values drive your decisions?

  • Structure your business around you and your core values.


Lesson # 2: Your Customer, Message, & Offer

  • How do you tell people what you do in a way that resonates with the people who you want to work with so that they want to say YES?

  • Understand your customer and know what you are actually selling to them. 

Lesson # 3: Packages, Pricing, & Money Plan

  • How do you package programs together so that you have a consistent income?

  • How do you price your programs or products?

  • Are you priced for profit?​

  • Create a money plan so that you reach your financial goals.


Lesson # 4: Qualify Leads, Invite, & Enroll 

  • Do you hate sales and want to know how to invite people into your programs in a way that feels natural for you and not salesy to the listener?

  • What kind of clients do you love to work with?

  • How will you keep track of who you have talked with and what all was said?

Lesson # 5: Copy, Content Marketing, & Distribution

  • How do you rise above the noise in social media and stay top of mind without being pushy?

  • How do you be consistent in your marketing without spending tons of time or money to find new clients?

  • How do you word your offers so that people want to join your programs?


Lesson # 6: Website Basics, Simple Tech, & Tracking

  • Simple technology that will make your marketing faster and easier.

  • Learn the fundamentals of how to build your own website.

  • Learn what all to say on your website so that it brings your more quality leads. ​

Bonuses ( bonuses vary with each program)

  • 2 x monthly Live virtual Marketing and Sales workshops

  • Personal login to access on-demand training modules

  • Facebook group with peers

Eric Sims.jpg

Eric Sims

From my very first consultation phone call with Tina, I knew she was the mentor I needed.  Her business advice is solid, and she practices what she preaches. Above all, though, she challenges me and helps me overcome my own limiting beliefs.

Before I started working with Tina I didn't have a business.  I didn't have a plan. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to be independent, but it just wasn't happening.  Tina has helped me get connected with AWESOME opportunities and has also been a great sounding board as I've continued to grow.


Cheryl Chandler

Tina has helped me SO MUCH with her Facebook for business class and personal business coaching.

She is very focused and full of knowledge to teach me how to boost my business online. I love her caring personality and sincere desire to see me succeed and highly recommend her!


Taunia Terry

Before taking Tina’s workshop my greatest challenge was that I felt completely overwhelmed and inadequate with structuring my business for online growth.  Technology was NOT my strength and I felt stuck.

However, Tina is shifting my mindset around that by providing simple steps and strategies in a way I can comprehend it.  Whenever I feel stuck or frustrated, she is fabulous at finding a way for it to click for me. I am much more confident now in navigating the online dimension of my business.  My structures and systems are coming together. Tina is my ace in the pocket as I take my business to the next level. She is a brilliant, competent, visionary coach and teacher.  I highly recommend her.

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