Meet Tina Jones

Stop guessing or hoping and shift into having the life and business that you desire.


She will guide you from overwhelmed or frozen and into clarity, certainty, and action in your life or your business.


Being your authentic self is step one.


The inside you creates the outside you.


Clients call Tina focused, knowledgeable, and sincere in her desire to see them succeed. She has even been referred to as “an ace in your pocket to help take your business to the next level”.


When not bringing ideas and people together, Tina can be found experimenting with new abstract art techniques or enjoying quiet time alongside her husband in the kitchen or out on a river fly fishing.

She is a Certified Access Bars Facilitator, NLP Life Coach, Quantum Body Processing, Quantum NLP, Brain Trainer, Non-Violent Communication Educator, and Reiki Master.

Tina will Empower You to be your best self in life and business!!

The life you desire is not found in telling your old story, but in stepping out of it and looking for what else is possible. 

Tina Jones