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Meet Tina Jones

Tina Jones is passionate about facilitating breakthroughs in others' lives. She moves her clients out of stress, anxiety, or mood swings into confidence, courage, and emotional balance. She can quickly diffuse conflict situations and will show you how to stand in your personal power even in the face of difficult people or situations.


The inside you creates the outside you.


She walks her talk and shares real-life experiences as she teaches. Clients call Tina relatable, entertaining, and engaging. Her style of facilitation makes her "hands-on" workshops worth every penny. During her 25 years as an entrepreneur, she has built multiple businesses from idea to execution to sale.


When not transforming lives, Tina can be found dancing in the kitchen to her favorite tunes, hiking a river trail, or experimenting with new abstract art techniques.

Become the best version of YOU!!

The life you desire is not found in telling your old story, but in stepping out of it and looking for what else is possible. 


Tina Jones

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