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Free Your Authenticity!!

Learn to access your inner strengths and cultivate healthy love for yourself

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Are you a people pleaser who is worn out and you have forgotten who you really are?

Do you want to stop feeling invisible and trapped in a cycle of putting others' needs and desires before your own?

Learn to harness your true potential and unlock the power of living an authentic, inspired life!


As your coach, I am committed to helping you show up and speak up unapologetically as your authentic self in all areas of life and live from the heart of what matters to you..


You might be saying to yourself, “Ya right. I have tried everything.”

I hear you AND…. I too have been where you are. I dramatically improved my life, health, and relationships using the very same tools that I teach. If I can do it, so can you.


You have an inner coach and I will teach you how to access it and listen to it. Every person, you included, has untapped potential and my superpower is the ability to see that potential and

teach you how to amplify it.


I am here to be a source of education, encouragement, accountability and support. 

Are you ready to finally have......


Inner Peace, Emotional Mastery 

Confidence & Courage


Peaceful Connected

Relationships w/ Self & Others

What clients are saying ....

“Tina has been a big help to me in overcoming my fears. After spending only an hour with her, my progress was amazing and it’s getting better every day.”  

Meet Tina

Trusted by

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Become the best version of you with Emotional Wellness and Mindfulness Coach Tina Jones.


She is passionate about facilitating breakthroughs in others’ lives. She moves her clients out of stress, anxiety, or mood swings and into confidence, courage, and emotional balance. 


She can quickly diffuse conflict situations and shows others how to stand in their personal power even in the face of difficult people or situations. The inside you creates the outside you. She walks her talk and shares real-life experiences as she teaches. Clients call Tina relatable, entertaining, and engaging. Her style of facilitation makes her "hands-on" workshops worth every penny. 


When not transforming lives, Tina can be found dancing in the kitchen to her favorite tunes, hiking a river trail, or experimenting with new abstract art techniques.

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