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Drama Free Communication
w/ People You Love


Create Connection When You Speak From The Heart

In this short value-packed e-book, you will learn tools to end drama and create peaceful connected relationships with myself and with others.


"I found Tina to be an invaluable resource for me in my personal growth and relationships. Through multiple sessions, I now have many helpful tools, both visual and physical, that I use on a daily basis. 


I gained a more clear and concise plan of (action) communication to work through my issues and concerns.


Tina creates a safe place to speak openly about your feelings and helps you find a resolution."

Penny Bryner Gambill


"I cannot count how many times I've used the Drama Free principles that Tina teaches in my personal and professional life.


Her engaging style of facilitation makes this "hands-on" workshop worth every penny and second of investment!


I wholeheartedly support Tina Jones!"

Ken Sharrar

Silvia sims.jpg

"From my very first consultation phone call with Tina, I knew she was the mentor I needed. Her business advice is solid and she practices what she preaches. 

Within six months of working with her, I was able to leave my regular day job.

My wife and I now travel wherever we want and my business goes with us.


She challenged me every step of the way helping me overcome my own limiting beliefs."

Eric Sims

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