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How to face your demons

In this moment I am feeling a bit numb.

It's a kind of tired numb.

It's a feeling of relief really.

Relief that today, I transformed a long standing deeply embedded childhood trauma.

Transforming it from a pesky gremlin who for years has haunted me and held me captive.

Transforming it into a helpful companion who now offers me strength and confidence to reach for my dreams.

Today I faced FEAR and friended it.

I did not shame, ignore, or even banish fear from my mind.

I did not override, ignore, numb out to, or replace fear with something else.

Instead, with the help of my coach as a facilitator and a guide, I welcomed fear with imagination and playfulness. I personified fear and learned from it.

Together, fear and I took a journey into my past to discover when fear first showed up for me. I learned what fear really needed to know so that it could be integrated and metabolized.

This is not some new coping strategy, cognitive process, or type of talk therapy. There was no replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

I did not force fear to be anything other than what it was.

Confidence is now the new name of this transformed emotion.

Confidence is now a helper or a resourceful emotion available for me to access and give me strength.

This process of emotional integration, metabolization, and transformation is playful, imaginative and actually really fun. I was surprised at how quick and easy the shift was.

I now feel a deep sense of peace penetrating deep into my bones.

My mind chatter is now silent.

This transformative is one that I learned as a part of a recent Energy Coach Certification course that I completed and now I am offering this very same process to my clients.

Are you ready to experience this kind of transformation for yourself?

Are you ready to use your imagination and uncover the greatness that is already inside of you that you might be struggling to access on your own?

I hope you’re nodding.

I hope you’re saying, “I want that.”

It’s time to awaken your greatness and step into your own awesomeness.

In celebration of my graduation from the Activation Method™ Energy Coach Certification program I am offering you a super special deal.

Experience for yourself the same kind of transformation that I shared above for a one time price of $88 for a one hour session over Zoom.

Book your transformation today!!

Cheers to all of your awesomeness,

Tina Jones

P.S. Would you prefer to first have a coffee chat session to get to know me more? You can book a free coffee chat session here.


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